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Ivy Learning Trust has currently constituted a Rapid Recovery Governing Body for Larkspur Primary Academy. Due to the suspension of the national tests, all leaders, including the local governing board members, agreed that it would be beneficial to continue this cycle of challenge and support for this academic year.


All Local Governors are members of the RRG which is chaired by Kate Gibson, Trustee. Matthew Kleiner-Mann, Trust Leader is also a member of the RRG. The Trust’s Head of School Improvement as well as an external advisor attend the RRGs in an advisory capacity


Rapid Recovery Group

Kate Gibson

Chair of Rapid Recovery Group


Matthew Kleiner-Mann

Leader of the Trust


Trustee appointed governors

Mrs Sarah Edwards

Chair of Local Governing Body

We have lived in Ware since 2013 when our daughter started school. I signed up to be a parent governor to help support the academy in creating a safe, happy and exciting place for our children to learn. Professionally I work from home for an IT support company looking after their office admin & invoices. I’m treasurer for the Larkspur Friends & Secretary on the exec for my daughters scouting group.

Mrs Bonnie West

My three children all attended Tower School, and I became a governor when my youngest child was in Y5. I believe that all children deserve the best education possible, to prepare and equip them for a constantly changing world. The launch of Larkspur Academy brings a new start to education in Ware and I continue to support the staff and students in aspiration and achievement.

Elected parent governors

Mr Simon Camp

Deputy Chair of Local Governing Body

I currently have two children at the school with my eldest having just left last year. I have served as a governor since arriving in Ware just over 6 years ago. With the academisation of the school, and our support Larkspur will now provide greater stability, better teaching and a better education for all our children.

Staff governor

Ms Jackoline Champion

My two daughters attended Tower Primary School and received an excellent education allowing them both to attend university. I currently have an exciting role within Larkspur Primary Academy as pastoral and parent

support. I believe that every child deserves the best education alongside feeling safe and valued. I whole-heartedly believe that Larkspur Primary Academy can provide every child with an excellent education.

Other Local Governing Body Information

Governors can be contacted through the school office – email: office@larkspurprimary.org

Copies of the minutes of Local Governing Body meetings can be obtained through the school office.

Name Title Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed by: Declaration of Interest Date Interest Declared
Kate Gibson Chair of the Rapid Recovery Group  18/10/2019 Duration of Rapid Recovery Group Ivy Learning Trust

Employed by Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing

Arcadis, Contractor for Walker School rebuild (Arcadis utilised by employer but has no direct contact)

Fraser Brown, Direct client through  employer until approximately 2018.  MTVH still work with Fraser Brown although now has no direct relationship with them




Matthew Kleiner-Mann Leader of the Trust   18/10/2019 Duration of Rapid Recovery Group Ivy Learning Trust None NA
Sarah Edwards Chair of Local Governing Body

Trust appointed



4 Years Ivy Learning Trust

Treasurer, Friends of Larkspur School.

Secretary, Scouting Association 5th Ware Scout Group

Simon Camp Vice Chair (Parent Governor)

re-elected 25/11/2020


4 Years Elected Parent Employed by Alan Camp Architects 17/07/18
Vacancy Parent Governor 4 Years Elected parent
Kerry McEwan Head of School 01/01/2018 Ex-officio Ex-officio None NA
Jackoline Champion Staff Governor

re-elected 19/11/19


4 Years Elected Staff None NA
Bonnie West Trust Appointed Governor

Trust re-appointed



4 Years Ivy Learning Trust

Employed by Hertfordshire County Council.

Chair, Ware Skillman Trust

Vacancy Trust Appointed Governor 4 Years Ivy Learning Trust
Vacancy Trust Appointed Governor 4 Years Ivy Learning Trust
Vacancy Trust Appointed Governor 4 Years Ivy Learning Trust


All governors are voting members of the Local Governing Board. Panels and working groups are established as needed, but there are no ongoing committees.

Declarations of Interests for Ivy Learning Trust Members and Trustees

Please see the following link Declarations of Interests for Ivy Learning Trust Members and Trustees

Attendance Record

Attendance 2019 – 2020

Scheme of Delegation

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Local Governors who have stepped down in the last 12 months.

Name Title Date of Appointment Date Stepped Down Appointed by: