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If you would like to secure a place for your child in nursery or reception for 2018-19, please telephone the school office on 01920 411 000.

Larkspur Academy determined admission arrangements 2018-19.pdf / 2019-20.pdf

Larkspur Vision and Values

At Larkspur Primary Academy, our core values of care, honesty, determination, respect, responsibility and appreciation permeate school life. They enable our children to feel happy and confident, within a safe and supportive community.

By delivering a challenging and engaging curriculum, underpinned by a strong, positive learning culture, we ensure that every child is given the opportunity to become a resilient, lifelong learner.

Curriculum and Culture

Our curriculum is built around the 2014 National Curriculum. We work to make curriculum links that are meaningful to our children and to deliver lessons which inspire and motivate.

Our learning culture is built around the concept of ‘growth mindset’, which helps our children to understand that learning takes effort, that challenge is good and that mistakes can help you to learn. Through our work on meta—cognition, our children learn ‘how to learn’ and what makes them good learners, such as being reflective and resourceful.